Halifax PPI Claims

We started out with the intention of just handling PPI claims in Halifax, hence our name – Halifax PPI Claims, but we soon started helping people across the UK get back their mis sold PPI payments. Wherever you live in the UK, if you want to make a PPI claim then we’d love to help, fill out the short form above.

Here at www.HalifaxPPIClaims.com we specialise in refunding people who’ve been mis sold PPI. Our expert team of advisors are can go through your loan and credit card agreements searching for hidden policies and unfair PPI charges. These policies could be costing you tens or hundreds of pounds each month, which over a few years really adds up to a hefty refund.

Some people have been mis sold PPI along side mortgages and loans resulting in long term policies that have cost tens of thousands in PPI premiums and subsequent interest payments. Our biggest payout is just over £52,800 – here’s the story:

We’ve handled complaints against all of the main lenders in the UK, including Lloyds PPI claims, HSBC PPI claims, Santander claims, Halifax PPI claims and mis sold PPI complaints about RBS.